EW Features Season 4 Cast Photo; Moviepilot Touts New Teaser

This week, Entertainment Weekly features a Season 4 cast photo. Plus, Moviepilot applauds Hell on Wheels and features a new teaser. Read on for more:

Entertainment Weekly showcases a Season 4 cast photo and gets some scoop on Elam's fate ("I think you will be surprised to see the manner in which he survives") from John Wirth, as well as updates on other cast members.

Moviepilot features a new Season 4 teaser and notes that Hell on Wheels has "gone from strength to strength every season, overcoming the Saturday night slot, a historically difficult airtime, and becoming one of the most successful shows on the air right now."

Anson Mount appears on The Better Show and characterizes Cullen as "a man who's addicted to conflict."

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