EW Debuts Season 3 Photos; Vince Gilligan Speaks With Yahoo TV

This week, Entertainment Weekly debuts photos from Season 3, while Vince Gilligan speaks with Yahoo TV. Plus, Aaron Paul reacts to a Squat Cobbler video. Read on for more:

Entertainment Weekly showcases a trio of Season 3 photos, including one where "Bob Odenkirk will once again go back to the future as Gene, complete with mustache, aviator glasses, and a sensible lunch."

Yahoo TV interviews Vince Gilligan, who says that "our first job is to be entertaining; we don’t want to ladle on the sadness too thick, but I think, even at our funniest moments or our most dramatic moments on Better Call Saul, I think there’s a core of sadness, and that speaks to me."

Cinema Blend reports on the show creating a Squat Cobbler video, with Vince Gilligan deciding "to show the video to Aaron Paul and film his reaction. It's brief but pretty great."

• Peter Gould explains to Digital Spy, "A lot of the time, we're scouring Breaking Bad for clues, a little bit the way the audience is, to try to understand the characters and how they got to be the people who they are. So it's a double-edged sword. Sometimes it's a limitation, but sometimes it helps us to understand where we're going."

Entertainment Weekly spotlights a Season 2 special feature that "breaks down the scene from 'Bali H’ai'...in which Mike figures out that Hector Salamanca has sent a pair of henchmen to his house using carbon paper and a welcome mat."

Backstage deems Bob Odenkirk a top SAG Award contender because he "gives an increasingly nuanced performance, adding a new layer to the dodgy lawyer’s present tense."

• Vince Gilligan teases to Decider that "the overlap on the venn diagram between Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul only continues to increase in Season 3. If you’re a fan of Breaking Bad, you will have even more reason to watch Better Call Saul in Season 3."

• Peter Gould, speaking with Digital Spy, muses, "It seems tough to imagine that this Mike would ever become the man that we saw on Breaking Bad, so it'll be interesting to see what changes in Mike... and it would be fascinating to learn more about Gus Fring."

Flavorwire says of Better Call Saul that "what could’ve been a cheap rip-off became one of television’s most melancholy character dramas, and it somehow got even better in its second season."

• Reviewing Season 2, the San Antonio Express-News notes, "Breaking Bad fans know he’ll eventually change his name to Saul Goodman and throw in with the bad guys. They probably didn’t anticipate that the journey to get there would be so fascinating."

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