It's the Season of the Witch on Eli Roth's History of Horror

In the latest episode of Eli Roth’s History of Horror, explore the ancient, long terrifying figure of the witch. “The witch is a towering figure in the history of horror,” says director Eli Roth in the episode. “The archetypical evil witch is everything mainstream religion tells us a woman should not be… That unapologetic, very female power frightens men and fascinates women.”

Megan Fox, The Craft’s Rachel True, Hereditary’s Milly Shapiro and Ari Aster, and more examine some of the most terrifying and magical stories about witches in cinema.

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Featuring commentary on The Blair Witch Project, The Craft, The VVitch, The Witches, The Lords of Salem, Suspiria and more, Eli Roth and fellow icons in horror break down the alluring dark and terrifying power of the witch.

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Eli Roth chats with in this Q&A about what fans can expect from the latest season, the scariest movie he’s recently seen, who he would interview for the show if he had a time machine, and more.

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