E! Online Teases Season 4 Premiere; Colm Meaney's Alan Partridge Reviewed

how1-video-cullen-325.jpgThis week, E! Online has some scoop on the Season 4 premiere. Plus, Colm Meaney's newest film, Alan Partridge, is well-reviewed by The Week. Read on for more:

E! Online previews that the Season 4 premiere will introduce Cullen's "reserved and subservient" wife, a 20-year-old named Naomi.

The Week's review of Alan Partridge, with a cast that includes Colm Meaney, says that "even those who have never heard of the character [Alan Partridge] will find much to enjoy."

• Canada's Innisfail Province interviews John Scott, a stuntman who also provides expertise, props and animals for many productions, including Hell on Wheels.

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