Dominic Cooper Teases Fight Sequence to ComicBook; Hidden Remote Interviews Preacher Costume Designer

This week, Dominic Cooper teases a fight sequence to, while Hidden Remote interviews Preacher's costume designer. Plus, Bleeding Cool previews next week's episode. Read on for more:

• Dominic Cooper teases to, "There's a fight sequence that I worked very hard on that we managed to do in one take, which I thought was going to be cut down massively but it goes on and on and on, and I did all the choreography, I learned all the moves, and we did it as one piece."

• Costume Designer Jill M. Ohanneson tells Hidden Remote that Tulip wears jackets "because she was constantly in a fight and we had to be able to protect [Ruth Negga] and the stunt person’s elbows and body. So that became her outfit, somewhat of a silhouette because that allowed her to do what the script called for and still protect herself."

Bleeding Cool previews next week's episode, "Search and Rescue," where "Tulip is forced to to slip into 'buddy cop movie' mode with a very unexpected partner. Meanwhile, Cassidy looks to be literally going to pieces – but over what… or who?" declares that Preacher, "which has always had impressive action sequences, just took the crown from Daredevil for the most insane long-take fight scene on television."

• Speaking about the final season with, Dominic Cooper says it "felt like it was the same show with more adrenaline. They must have found it hard to give each and every character the equal weights they deserved, and they seem to have done that."

Screen Rant wonders, "Firstly, what is God's ultimate plan for Jesse? And secondly, does the table of Jesse's life prove that God has been controlling the character from the very first episode?"

• Graham McTavish explains to Haute Living that Seth Rogen "always emphasized the minimalist style of the Saint of Killers. His economy of movement, and speech. Allowing my presence to speak. To allow that level of confident intimidation to build…."

The Sydney Morning Herald, lamenting the end of the series, says Preacher "exists at the fringes of Golden Age television: erudite, boundary-pushing but also bloody, profane, and decidedly niche. (Imagine the Cohen brothers on acid.) For those of us who have been on the rollercoaster from the beginning, this is a thrilling return."

Screen Rant observes, "For some viewers, Humperdoo's face may feel eerily familiar, and that's because the actor playing him is world famous, albeit as a musician, not a TV actor. Humperdoo is played by Tyson Ritter, best known as the frontman of rock band, All American Rejects."

Screen Rant says "there are definite moments throughout the series where we have wondered who Tulip will end up with when all is said and done. Let's assess that now by weighing the reasons she should stay with Jesse, or pick Cassidy instead."

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