Digital Spy Awaits Fear; Alycia Debnam-Carey Talks Kim Dickens With EW

This week, Digital Spy awaits Fear the Walking Dead's return, while Alycia Debnam-Carey discusses Kim Dickens' departure with Entertainment Weekly. Plus, Deadline has Gale Anne Hurd's comments on the rest of the season. Read on for more:

Digital Spy eagerly awaits Fear the Walking Dead because "there are plenty of reasons to be excited. The huge character death in the mid-season finale will dramatically change the show's direction, which means it'll probably feel like a fresh series when it comes back in a few weeks."

• Alycia Debnam-Carey tells Entertainment Weekly that "it’s always hard losing someone, especially someone who is so extraordinary like Kim Dickens. She has been such a fearless leader…. The mourning process in the show is just reflecting your own mourning process."

• According to Deadline, Gale Anne Hurd explains, "We’re dealing with clearly wounded people… It’s going to be hard to overcome these things. Are they going to embrace Madison’s philosophy or are they going to be essentially in it for themselves and keeping people out?"

• Teasing the rest of the season to TVLine, Jenna Elfman says, "When faced not with an enemy in flesh but Mother Nature, people’s true selves, one way or another, are tested. So we really start seeing who [these characters are] to each other."

TV Guide comments on new Season 4 casting, saying of Aaron Stanford that "in addition to being a great actor, he just looks like a guy who would be wandering the desert after a zombie apocalypse, right?"

Digital Spy checks out the show's latest Comic-Con trailer, which "dwells on Madison's sacrifice by having Alicia and the others continuously test their own humanity. Can they all still be trusted?"

Entertainment Weekly believes that the trailer's "big reveals come in the form of new cast members," such as Aaron Stanford, Stephen Henderson, Tonya Pinkins, Daryl "Chill" Mitchell and Mo Collins.

• After watching the new trailer, declares, "Garret Dillahunt is a treasure (and I appreciate the humor of the trailer as well)."

• According to IndieWire, Ian Goldberg says the show's new characters will "bring different energies to the show. Some will bring hope, some will take away that hope!"

Variety reports on Garret Dillahunt's reason for joining the show: "I just thought it’s a great group of actors, and I wanted to see if I could hold my own with them. I like that kind of challenge."

• Season 4's second half will see "redemption. There are characters that want to make up for some of the things they've done. It's also about hope and keeping Madison's legacy alive," Ian Goldberg says, as reported by Syfy Wire.

• According to, Jenna Elfman says she'd want Carol to cross over onto Fear the Walking Dead because "I want to do some stuff with Carol. I think that would be really fun."

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