Deadline on Terror Headlining Berlin Festival; Trailer Spooks GQ

This week, Deadline reports on The Terror headlining the Berlin Film Festival, while GQ is spooked by the show's trailer. Plus, /Film also checks out the trailer. Read on for more:

• Deadline reports The Terror will headline the TV section of this year’s Berlin Film Festival. The Hollywood Reporter adds that the festival will take place from Feb. 15-25.

• GQ watches The Terror's trailer and proclaims, "Ridley Scott’s horror series looks scary as hell."

• After watching The Terror trailer, /Film surmises, "Much of the drama will surely come from the characters clashing in a life-threatening scenario, but there’a also some more gruesome elements that come from the cold and whatever is lurking out in the Arctic."

• Horror News Network checks out The Terror trailer: "As far as first looks go, this one passes the eyeball test for sure. The shot of several frozen human heads poking out of the snow was enough to hook me in, no questions asked."

• adds, "We’ve got some top-notch acting here in the leads and I’m eager to see how this tale plays out on screen."

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