Deadline on Halt Main Title Emmy Nod; Slate Says Halt on Cutting Edge

This week, Deadline discusses Halt and Catch Fire's Emmy nod for main title design. Plus, Slate calls Halt a representative of cutting edge TV. Read on for more:

Deadline explores the Emmy nominees for Main Title Design, including Halt and Catch Fire's Patrick Clair, who says, "We put in visuals that would capture that sense of pressure, decay and instability."

Slate cites Halt and Catch Fire as an example of a series that represents "the cutting edge of TV" because it recast its antihero as a woman.

• Bryan Fuller tells Crave Online he wanted Lee Pace in Hannibal, but "he was always so busy, because he was making Guardians of the Galaxy and Halt and Catch Fire and the Hobbit films. So his dance card was full but we kept on asking."

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