What You're Saying About Cullen and Elam's Boxing Match


Every week, AMCtv.com checks out the Hell on Wheels Talk forum and the Hell on Wheels Facebook page to see what viewers are saying about the series. This week, pugilists and pacifists alike are revved up about the fierce fistfight between Cullen Bohannon and Elam Ferguson. Read on for fan reactions to the shirtless heroes duking it out.

• "This was the BEST! Loved the fight scene!" -- Ruby McCoy

• "Finally, We get to see Cullen shirtless! ; )" -- Jennifer Heggesta

• "im just going to be a little shallow here & overlook the WONDERFUL storyline to say that I'd look Common/Elam without a shirt on fighting any day of the week :oD" -- Monica E Clifton

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