ComicBook Votes Negan Best Villain; Huffington Post Regrets Shiva's Death

This week, Negan is voted by as the best TV villain, while The Huffington Post regrets that Shiva had to die. Plus, Gold Derby ranks all of the show's villains. Read on for more:

• votes Negan TV's best villain since he "retained control of Rick Grimes and his Alexandria community, even where it looked like he would finally be toppled late in the year."

• The Huffington Post wanted Shiva to live, asking, "Who knew zombies could get so hungry they would surround and devour a large angry CGI tiger? We miss you, girl. We’re still sitting Shiva."

• Gold Derby posts a photo gallery that "lists all of The Walking Dead villains, ranked by their evilness."

• lists all of the show's deaths in 2017: "Leading up to the Rick Grimes-led revolution against Negan and the Saviors, The Walking Dead once again lived up to its name with copious deaths throughout 2017."

• CarterMatt counts Carl's imminent death as one of TV's biggest surprises in 2017: "There's really not all that much that adaptations can typically do in order to surprise. Yet, the AMC drama made one of its biggest and most controversial moves to date by having Carl be bit by a walker."

• Fan Fest reports how "the folks at Skybound took some time to compile the ultimate list [of] Carl’s Top 10 Moments from the entire Walking Dead series."

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