Walt Is Set on Meeting the “Mighty Mortal”

When Ming agrees to bring his friend, Shazam! star Michael Gray, by the Stash in the latest episode, he gives Walt one request: "don't embarrass me."

Of course, Walt can never pass up an opportunity to embarrass Ming, so when he comes back to the Stash with the "Mightiest Mortal," he's greeted by Walt, Bryan and Mike dressed in the old Billy Batson/Captain Marvel costume from the '70s television show. Ming groans, but Michael Gray thankfully doesn't mind.

Walt and the guys ask Michael Gray questions about his time on the early superhero show, which Gray is more than happy to answer. He even dons the Billy Batson costume -- for the first time in 42 years.

Plus, Walt and Ming play a treacherous game of Entangle, and  a customer brings in an illicit comic book.

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The Comic Book Men Season Finale airs Sunday at Midnight/11c.