The Comic Book Men Comic Pull List: Week of March 16, 2016

Are you a comic book fan? Looking for the next best thing to read? This week, comic guru, Mike Zapcic, returns to the Pull List to offer his recommendations in comic book reading from this Wednesday’s new releases.



"Tony Stark found out he's actually adopted, so what does that mean for the Marvel Universe's premiere genius playboy? Watch him try and discover where he came from with the help of his newest BFF, Victor Von Doom!"


[IDW Publishing]

"Ever wonder what would have happened if the Ghostbusters hadn't crossed the streams and weren't able to close the door on Gozer's dimensional rift? Well, wonder no more! In this one-shot issue, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man rules New York with a delicious s'mores fist!"



"Dovetailing into the hit CW show, some of today's hottest artists and writers tell the tales of Firestorm, The Metal Men, Metamorpho and... Sugar and Spike?! Check it out before it flies off the shelf!"

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