The Comic Book Men Comic Pull List: Week of February 10, 2015

Are you a comic book fan? Looking for the next best thing to read? This week, comic guru, Mike Zapcic, returns to the Pull List to offer his recommendations in comic book reading from this Wednesday’s new releases.



"Twenty-five years ago this month, Deadpool tore onto the comic book scene in an issue of New Mutants, and this week, Marvel is throwing one hell of a birthday party. Not only is the Merc with a Mouth coming to the silver-screen for his silver anniversary, but Deadpool #7 issue comes out this week -- and it's a doozy. The 80-page giant issue features not one, but seven stories -- including the return of the Mercs for Money! If you like witty banter, zany antics, some violence (and by "some" I mean gratuitous), and a degenerate but loveable antihero looking to do some good in this world (if it comes with a nice paycheck of course), then put on your party hats and don't miss Deadpool #7."



"What, you thought we were done with Deadpool? I said it was a party, didn't I? This week, the two best wisecracking super-dudes in comics are teamed up and quipping like nobody's business as Deadpool and Spider-Man bring some extra zing to the websling. Miles Morales visits as well to help stop a goblin invasion. That's two Spideys for the price of one!"



"This week, Darth Vader brings the Emperor a gift, but something's not right... Have you ever had a cat bring you presents? In this issue, think SE7EN meets Grumpy Cat and I think you'll get the fact that Vader is very displeased with his master. Marvel's Darth Vader comic book run has some pretty cool stories bridging the gap between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, all the while fleshing Vader out as a more complex character than anyone ever thought."

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