Ten Ways to Get Ready for the Comic Book Men Season Finale

Get ready to rock and roll! The Comic Book Men season finale airs this Sunday, March 22 at Midnight/11c. Jason Mewes stops by the Stash in the two new episodes and Walt gets the opportunity to meet his lifelong hero, Gene Simmons, backstage at a KISS concert. If you can't wait to rock and roll all night, here are ten ways to get ready for the Season Finale of Comic Book Men...

1. Watch full episodes from the second half of the season, which include a drag race between the Batmobile and the Black Beauty, a rap battle between Ming and Darryl "DMC" McDaniels and all the great geeky sales in between.

2. Check out these sneak peek photos from the Season Finale, featuring our favorite geeks decked out in KISS makeup.

3. Ever wonder what comic books the guys from the Secret Stash are actually reading? Check out Mike and Ming's Pull List.

4. Find out if you're a noble leader like Captain America or more like grizzled Wolverine with this Superhero Personality Quiz.

5. Relive the most Talked About Scenes from the season, including Adam West drag-racing in the Batmobile, DMC rapping with Ming, Billy Dee Williams takes on Walt in a game of Go Fish over the Millennium Falcon and more.

6. Catch up with the cast with these interviews featuring Q&As with Kevin, Walt, Mike, Bryan, Ming, plus guest stars Neal Adams, Butch Patrick, Ashley Greene, Darryl "DMC" McDaniels, Billy Dee Williams and more.

7. Play comic-themed Ultimate Fan Games: Who are the main alien antagonists in Star Trek: First Contact? What does Hulk say to Loki after "smashing" him in The Avengers? Test your knowledge and challenge your friends to see who is the biggest super-fan.

8. Take the Name That Kevin Smith Movie photo quiz to find out how well you know Kevin Smith's most iconic movies.

9. Sign up for the AMC Weekly to get the latest news, videos, interviews, pull lists and more delivered directly to your inbox each week.

10. Get social! Connect with fans on Facebook and Twitter to talk about the show, your favorite comics, collectibles, and more.

The hour-long Season Finale of Comic Book Men airs this Sunday, March 22 at Midnight/11c with two new back-to-back episodes.