Ten Ways to Get Ready for the Comic Book Men Season Finale This Sunday

There's only one episode left in Season 1 of Comic Book Men. Looking for ways to keep yourself occupied until Sunday night? Here are ten things you can do. Note: Sunday night's show airs at a special time, 10:30/9:30c. 1. View a sneak peek of the Comic Book Men Season Finale. 2. Watch videos of some of Comic Book Men's most memorable scenes. 3. Read interviews with Kevin Smith and the rest of the Secret Stash staff. 4. Check out photos of the Comic Book Men dressed as zombies. 5. See the superhero alter egos of all the Comic Book Men. 6. Take a look at the comic book artwork used for the Comic Book Men animated opening credits. 7. Join the debate with Comic Book Men polls on superheroes, superpowers and zombie movies. 8. Re-watch the Comic Book Men animated show open. 9. Sign up for the AMC Newsletter for up-to-date news on the series. 10. Like Comic Book Men on Facebook; follow Comic Book Men on Twitter. Comic Book Men's Season Finale, "Ink" airs this Sun., Mar. 18 at 10:30/9:30c on AMC.