Kevin Smith on Old vs. New Comics; Comic Book Men’s Guest Star Wish List

This week, Kevin Smith talks about old comics vs. new comics, while the Comic Book Men discuss their guest star wish list. Plus, Bleeding Cool has an account of the show’s NY Comic Con panel. Read on for more:

• learns from Kevin Smith why the Comic Book Men crew likes to talk about “older comic books or geek stuff as opposed to current” material.

• gets the scoop from the Comic Book Men crew on dream guest stars. Henry Winkler, anyone?

• Bleeding Cool live-blogged the New York Comic Con Comic Book Men panel.

• George Perez will make a special appearance on Comic Book Men this season, according to

• Nuke the Fridge finds out why Kevin Smith’s put Clerks 3 on the back burner for now.

• Kevin Smith’s Tusk will star Haley Joel Osment, Deadline reports.

• For a recap of Season 3, Episode 2, “To the Bat Cave,” check out