Comic Book Men Season Finale, "Ink" - Online Extras

In the Season Finale of Comic Book Men, "Ink," Bryan, Michael and Ming brave the tattoo chair and get some pretty awesome ink. (Walt chickens out and stays home.) The men of the Secret Stash also check out some interesting merchandise, including super-heroine Barbies and an autographed copy of X-Men #1. Learn more about "Ink" below: • A web-exclusive video in which the guys flirt with a woman looking for a rare comic book • An extended video of the scene in which a seller tries to unload a damaged Xena: Warrior Princess toy • Photos of Bryan, Michael and Ming's new tattoos • Poll: What's the best superhero team? • An open thread for the Comic Book Men Season Finale (including comments by Ming Chen) Also worth your attention: • A look at the comic book artwork used for the Comic Book Men animated opening credits • AMC Newsletter: the latest news on Comic Book Men • Comic Book Men on Facebook • Comic Book Men on Twitter • Kevin Smith on Twitter