Comic Book Men Q&A - Jason Mewes

Guest star and friend of the Stash, Jason Mewes, shares what he didn't expect about being a new dad, Jay and Silent Bob coming to video games, and which fan experiences have touched him the most.

Q: In the episode, you tell the guys that being a dad isn’t like anything you were expecting. What were you expecting?

A: I didn’t realize it’s so non-stop. She gets up at five in the morning and I’m just chasing her around. She just started walking, so I turn around for one second and she’s already across the room. It’s literally watching everything she does. You wake up, and it’s your job to keep the child alive all day: make sure she doesn’t choke on anything, make sure she doesn’t fall, make sure she eats, make sure she’s not too cold or too hot. I grew up around a lot of kids in the past, and I’d sit and play with them, but then when I was done, I could get up and do whatever. I was thinking, “Oh, this will be fun! We’ll get to play with her and shape her into this little person.” But there’s so much more than that.

Q: When she gets older and it’s not your job to just keep her alive, what geeky things are you excited to introduce to her?

A: Everything! She already loves to come into my man cave. She gets super excited because there’s all these statues on the wall, and it makes her smile. I have this Jabba the Hutt figure where his arms and his mouth move, and so I’ll put him on the table and move his arms, and she’ll laugh and giggle. She’s already got her Star Wars books for when you’re reading, and it will tell you to press, “the light saber button” or “the BB8 button,” and it will make those sounds, so she’ll look through it and press the buttons. I’m sure she’ll be into all that.

Q: When we last interviewed you, you were working on a short named Details. Are you working on any new creative projects?

A: Me and a gentleman I worked with in London are talking about this movie called Devil’s Tower. He’s a big producer/director and we were talking about me directing this movie, and he wrote it out. It would be the first movie I would direct. Then we have the Jay and Silent Bob Chronic Blunt Punch video game that we’re crowdfunding. Also, me and Kevin do a show called What’s in the Box? on, where people send us boxes of anything -- statues, toys, lightsabers, video games. The producers on the show know what’s in the box, but we don’t know anything. Then we talk about it and give some information. So that’s really fun. Then we still have the podcast "Jay and Silent Bob Get Old." I’m just trying to do as much as I can, so we’ll see. We shoot Mallrats 2 in July, as well.

Q: What was the inspiration to turn Jay and Silent Bob into video game characters for Chronic Blunt Punch?

A: Trevor Furman from Clerks II, where he plays Elias, has been working in video game development. He came to Kevin and I and said, “What do you think about doing a Jay and Silent Bob game?” We actually came out with a couple of app games: Let Us Dance, where you would press the buttons and Jay would dance, like a Guitar Hero type of format, and Too Fat to Fly, which is a little like Angry Birds, where Jay would pull Kevin back in a type of catapult in the mall. Those were fun. They were the start of it, and we wanted to do a bigger game that could be on a console, so we’re doing the crowdsourcing first. We’re throwing in the different characters, and they’re still coming up with new ideas.

Q: Having acted in a movie like Clerks that has such a huge cult following, what are interactions like with your fans?

A: There have been tons of people who have been part of the universe since day one, back when we were on the old message boards. They’ve been very supportive. Especially with my addiction. In the beginning, I didn’t want to do the podcast ["Jay and Silent Bob Get Old"] about my addiction. I was worried people would frown upon it and not want to support anything I did, and it’s been the total opposite experience. Everyone is just really supportive and sweet, keeping track of the days I’ve been sober, and they come up and want to hug me. I just find that to be amazing. People come up and say, “Hey, my brother used to struggle with drugs and I told him to listen to the podcast, and now he listens every day and it keeps him sober one more day. He’s sober seven months now.” That’s something I never expected at all, and it’s really great.

Q: Is there an experience with a fan that really stands out to you?

A: I just did a show in Vegas and a mother came up to me crying. She had just lost her son 6 months ago, and he was a huge fan of all of our movies, and he got their whole family to watch the movies. So she asked if I’d sign an autograph to her son, even though he passed away. Another mom was saying she had just lost her son, and when they cleaned out his car, he had an old Clerks VHS that he would keep with him so he could watch it, and his mom asked me to sign that. Sweet stuff like that. A lot of military people say that when they were over fighting in the war, they would watch Jay and Silent Bob or Mallrats and it would put a smile on their face, even though they were out in the middle of nowhere in a crappy situation. All that stuff totally sticks with me.

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