Comic Book Men Pull List: Week of November 29, 2017

Have you been looking for the next best thing to read? Overwhelmed by your options in the comic book store? Comic guru Mike Zapcic offers his recommendations in comic book reading from this Wednesday's new releases.


[DC Comics]

"We get a glimpse at the first meeting of the Cat and the Bat, as Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne reminisce about their first meeting -- and their last kiss! No dry eyes in Wayne Manor, folks."


[Marvel Comics]

"The time-displaced X-Men find out that their 'mentor' Magneto has been keeping something from them: a way for them to travel back in time and return home. But things don't always go according to plan in the Marvel Universe, and our heroes find themselves... just where and when, exactly?"


[Oni Press]

"Summer's 'relationship' with Rick's ship is pretty complicated to say the least -- and don't expect it to get any clearer in this issue of Oni's great take on the series!"

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