Comic Book Men Episode 5, "Con Gone Wrong" - Online Extras

In Episode 5 of Comic Book Men, "Con Gone Wrong," the guys hit a collectibles jackpot when they find a yard sale full of comic books and toys priced way below value. The team also meets a seller peddling a poster with an unusual take on Superman and a replica of the Batman cowl from the '60s TV series. Learn more about "Con Gone Wrong" with these online extras: • An extended video in which the seller with the Superman poster tries to unload a Golden Age Batman comic • A web-exclusive video: The guys make a house call to check out a massive comic book collection • Poll: Who's the best Catwoman? • An open thread for Comic Book Men Episode 5 • A sneak peek photo of next week's episode Also worth your attention: • A The Walking Dead poster created by Drew Struzan, the real artist of the Superman poster seen in Episode 5 • A photo gallery showing the different on-screen incarnations of Catwoman from Lee Meriwether to Halle Berry • AMC Newsletter: the latest news on Comic Book Men • Comic Book Men on Facebook • Comic Book Men on Twitter • Kevin Smith on Twitter