Comic-Con Fans - Check Out These Interviews With the Comic Book Men Cast

Has Comic-Con 2012 got you longing for Comic Book Men's return? Take a look back at Season 1 Q&As with Kevin Smith, Ming Chen, and the rest of the Secret Stash gang. Curious to hear what the guys had to say? Click on the names below to read the full interview. • "A guy who likes football and knows every obsessive detail about every person on every team is calling some guy who likes Mr. Spock a nerd. They are nerds too." - Kevin Smith • "A show about three guys that I hang out and joke with about stupid things like comics, TV, movies, and pop culture? We do that anyway." - Ming Chen • "How cool was it to play so many parts in Clerks? I tell them it gets cooler every year." - Walt Flanagan • "I think the only difference is we don't curse nearly as much. That was the big hurdle to get over. We normally talk with sort of a working-class speech." - Bryan Johnson • "I would have to say that 95% of our customers aren't the comic book guy from The Simpsons. A lot of them are intelligent and hold down fairly well-respected jobs." - Michael Zapcic Click here to find out how you can appear on Comic Book Men during Season 2