Chris Rogers, Chris Cantwell Q&A; LA Times Chats With Jonathan Lisco

This week, Chris Rogers and Chris Cantwell do a Q&A with The Hollywood Reporter, while the Los Angeles Times chats with Jonathan Lisco. Plus, CNN and The Huffington Post recommend the show. Read on for more:

• Chris Rogers and Chris Cantwell tell The Hollywood Reporter about the genesis of Halt and Catch Fire, with the latter saying that "we dug deep on computing and tried to find a story we hadn’t heard and wasn’t informed by the Bill Gates /Steve Jobs, Microsoft/Apple narrative."

• Talking to the Los Angeles Times about flawed TV heroes, Jonathan Lisco notes, "People want more inhabited, relatable storytelling."

CNN recommends watching Halt and Catch Fire this summer.

• For erstwhile Mad Men viewers, The Huffington Post suggests watching Halt and Catch Fire for "another AMC historical drama about sweeping cultural change and workplace shenanigans."

The Star Tribune declares, "AMC’s underappreciated Halt and Catch Fire is on fire with its Season 2 story line of a women-run online gaming start-up in 1985 Dallas."

• In an article about the preponderance of historical dramas on TV, Deadline cites Halt and Catch Fire as an example of a show that's "taking a closer look at the 20th century."

• Ahead of the next episode, CarterMatt previews Joe and Cameron's reunion, wondering, "Let’s just say that this is not going to be an easy pill for her to swallow, as Lee Pace’s character is back in some of his season 1 ways."

• For recaps and reviews of Season 2, Episode 4, "Play With Friends," check out Entertainment Weekly, Flickering Myth, IGN, International Business Times, Movie News Guide, Paste, Rolling Stone, TV Equals and Vulture.

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