Chandler Riggs Talks Judith Scene With EW; TVLine Interviews Scott Gimple

This week, Chandler Riggs discusses Judith's goodbye scene with Entertainment Weekly, while TVLine talks to Scott Gimple. Plus, EW asks Andrew Lincoln about Riggs' departure. Read on for more:

• Chandler Riggs shares his most emotional scene with Entertainment Weekly, saying, "The goodbye scene with Judith, I think, is always going to get me, just because of how depressing some of the stuff I was saying was."

• "I’ll just say that it isn’t a slam-dunk that Rick can just accept the vision that Carl has. Other people may need to try and sell him on it," Scott Gimple tells TVLine.

• Entertainment Weekly interviews Andrew Lincoln, who says that "the only sort of huge comfort I take in Chandler [Riggs] leaving at this point is the fact that he got to be the hero of the series and the episode and give the gift to Michonne and Rick for the future and to say farewell."

• Greg Nicotero explains to why Carl's actual death was not shown: "It's all implied, like the moment where Carl is forced to shoot Lori in Season 3. There is a respectful way to show this, and I really never imagined that we would have ever wanted to film that."

• Syfy speaks with Greg Nicotero, who says that, when Carl is dying, he's "basically challenging Rick and Michonne to look towards the future. How can you not take those words into account? How can you not be so moved by them? It has to affect you in some capacity."

• Vulture relates how Carl dies: "In one last act of compassion, he insists on writing the end to his own story, rather than let his dad put him down."

• According to, "In the final moments of 'Honor,' Carl’s voiceover reveals the dreamlike sequences we’ve been watching all season to be his hopeful vision of the future, not an actual glimpse into it."

• Variety interviews Chandler Riggs, who says Carl's "death leaves behind a really inspiring and motivational feeling. He’s not really angry about it. He’s not lashing out against anyone. It’s his fault that it happened and there’s nothing that he can do about it."

• "I think for Carl, Michonne is definitely a very mother-like figure for him. They've always been really good friends and before Enid came along, she was probably his closest friend and the only person that he really opened up to," Chandler Riggs says to

• Previewing Season 8, Episode 10, "The Lost and the Plunderers," to Entertainment Weekly, Scott Gimple says, "It tells four stories in a very interesting way. They’re very different stories and it has a great deal of variety to it. We really get into a lot of different characters within them."

• Scott Gimple has this to say to TVLine about the Whisperers, saying they're "absolutely on the menu. I just wouldn’t necessarily say for this season or even exactly when."

• The Independent reports that the U.K.'s Thorpe Park will open The Walking Dead: The Ride, "the first in the world to be themed on AMC’s post-apocalyptic global TV phenomenon," this spring.

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