CBS News Explores Robotics; Fast Company on Humans Vs. Robots

This week, CBS News explores advances in robotics and artificial intelligence, while Fast Company thinks humans are a bigger threat than robots. Plus, KQED wonders how smart robots should get. Read on for more:

CBS News looks at how the "recent leaps in robotics and AI should make us both excited and cautious."

Fast Company asserts,"We don’t need to imagine a future filled with human suffering at the (liquid metal) hands of supersmart robots. Many are suffering now at the hands of their fellow humans."

The Washington Post reports that as more companies and industries invest in artificial intelligence, A.I. is poised to become the next big tech trend.

The Atlantic examines what it could mean for humanity if robots put us out of work - which may be sooner than we think.

• The second machine age is upon us, according to The Atlantic, and it's advancements in A.I. tech will make a mockery of the crowning achievements of the computing age.

• Similarly, the Institute for Ethics & Emerging Technologies writes that "humans will remain infinitely more dangerous than robots for generations to come."

• Northern California's KQED wonders, "How smart should we allow robots to get?"

• The Chicago Sun-Times reports that the U.S. Navy is "turning to sailors for ideas about how to use artificial intelligence to make their day-to-day lives easier," according to the U.S. Navy Institute.

LiveScience reports on a new artificial intelligence program that "can classify famous works of art based on their style, genre or artist — tasks that normally require a professional art historian."

Gizmag writes a paean to Shakey, the world's first electronic person, and credits it for a potential "robot revolution that will do for goods and services what the Internet did for information."

Chicago Inno spotlights a report that chief executive officers, chief technology officers and other business leaders believe that "artificial intelligence creates jobs."

TechCrunch says that "the central issue of the 21st century is not machines taking over, it’s how to achieve the right balance between humans and automation to optimize outcomes."

Automotive News explores the "tough challenges ahead before self-driving cars become commonplace on our roads."

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