Cast and Creators on Daniel Choosing Between Good and Evil in Fear the Walking Dead Episode 4

After surviving the fire he set in Baja, Daniel is weak, hurt and struggling to go on. That is, until a new survivor lends a helping hand.

But, with all the guilt he carries from his past, Daniel finds it hard to forgive himself and start anew.

"Forgiveness is very much a theme," says Showrunner Dave Erickson in a new behind-the-scenes video. "He wants someone to bless him, he wants someone to take away the pain."

Go Inside Season 3, Episode 4 “100” With the Cast and Creators

Daniel's journey leads him to the González Dam, where he's recruited by Dante, Strand's jailer, and the man who controls one the most valuable resources in the apocalypse — water.

Dante represents a life of ruthless violence that Daniel has been trying so desperately to leave behind.

Choosing between good and evil isn't easy, but regardless of past convictions, it's possible for everyone to "still have something in them that is good," according to Rubén Blades, who plays Daniel.

The world doesn't want Daniel doing wrong again. Will he listen?

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