CarterMatt Looks Ahead to Nov. 8 Episode; Den of Geek Applauds Midseason Finale

This week, CarterMatt looks ahead to the next episode, which will premiere on Nov. 8, while Den of Geek applauds the midseason finale as one of the season's best. Plus, check out the Hell on Wheels live action role-playing game in the Czech Republic. Read on for more:

CarterMatt reports that the show's next episode will air on Nov. 8 and notes there are "plenty of stories left to be told for Anson Mount, Colm Meaney, and the rest of the cast."

Den of Geek, reviewing the midseason finale, calls it one of the "best" of the season.

The Escapist details a Hell on Wheels live action role-playing game held in the Czech Republic, describing it as "an intense Western LARP."

CarterMatt points out that the ratings for Episode 9, "Two Trains," were "the best in terms of total viewers we’ve seen since the premiere."

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