Byron Mann Interviewed; CarterMatt Previews Series Finale

This week, Byron Mann is interviewed about Chang, while CarterMatt previews the series finale. Plus, Paste thinks the latest episode was a fitting goodbye to the show's characters. Read on for more:

CarterMatt interviews Byron Mann, who considers Chang's hubris to be his downfall: "He just assumes, and he has, that he can out-think and out-work any and all situations, and he has proven himself to be successful at every level."

CarterMatt previews the series finale, "Done," remarking, "Sometimes, the simplest of episode titles are the best, and that is what we have looking at the series finale of Hell on Wheels airing this coming weekend."

• Reviewing the latest episode, Paste says the show "feels like a fitting goodbye to many of the characters we’ve grown to know over the last five years (those have been able to survive this long), and it also offers a conclusion to the construction of the railroad."

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