Bryan Cranston Talks Potential Cameo; Saul Locales Appear on Bad Tours

This week, Bryan Cranston talks about a potential Better Call Saul cameo, while Saul locales are now included on Breaking Bad tours. Plus, Bob Odenkirk is appearing in the new W/ Bob and David trailer. Read on for more:

• Asked about the possibility of a Better Call Saul cameo, Bryan Cranston says, "I would do it if Vince Gilligan wanted me to," Hypable reports.

• Albuquerque's Breaking Bad RV Tours is now including Better Call Saul locations on its tours, according to The Associated Press.

Indiewire spotlights the trailer for Netflix's W/ Bob & David and declares that Bob Odenkirk and David Cross "haven't missed a step."

• On the subject of Emmy nominations for the new show, GoldDerby speculates, "With Emmy favorites like Bob [Odenkirk] and David [Cross], Netflix might get its foot in the door."

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