Bob Odenkirk's Vulture Interview; Jonathan Banks Talks to TheWrap

This week, Bob Odenkirk conducts an interview for Vulture. Plus, Jonathan Banks discusses Mike and the Emmys with TheWrap. Read on for more:

• At Vulture, Bob Odenkirk says about Better Call Saul, "I've got to really check myself when I do this show and take note of how well-written it is and how complex the emotional moments are. I have to bring it and get there and do them right, or otherwise it would be embarrassing."

• Jonathan Banks tells TheWrap, "Mike has been Mike for a long time. He was formed a long time ago. Probably in the prequel to the prequel, Mike was already pretty hard."

• The Los Angeles Times, spotlighting Comedy Central's Drunk History, notes that Michael McKean will be a Season 3 guest.

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