Bob Odenkirk Teases Season 2 to Variety; USA Today Views New Clip

This week, Bob Odenkirk teases Season 2 to Variety, while USA Today and IGN check out new clips from the show. Plus, Peter Gould says viewers will see more of Mike. Read on for more:

• Bob Odenkirk teases Season 2 to Variety, saying, "Wait'll you see who you see because I was on set seeing faces and going, 'Fans are going to go crazy.'"

USA Today posts a Season 2 clip that makes it clear "the scrappiest defense attorney in Albuquerque is heading towards the Dark Side," while IGN has a new video "featuring Saul's very own mariachi song, 'Yo Soy Saul!'"

Yahoo TV shares three Season 2 photos and learns from Peter Gould that Jimmy's and Mike's journeys "sometimes overlap and touch, and sometimes go off in their own ways, but you’re going to see a lot of Jonathan Banks, a lot of Mike Ehrmantraut, in Season 2."

Variety reports that "Marco" has been honored with a nomination from the Cinema Audio Society for an award in the Television Series - 1 Hour category.

Variety checks out Season 2's character portraits of Jimmy, Mike, Chuck, Kim and Howard.

The Week deems Better Call Saul one of the interesting shows to watch in 2016, anticipating that Season 2 "promises to take Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) further down the road to corruption that eventually sees him remake himself as Saul Goodman."

Blastr lauds Better Call Saul, observing, "Comic book fans love origins and with no wasted line of dialogue or scene, [Vince] Gilligan and [Peter] Gould have reinvented the way at which an origin story is told."

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