Bob Odenkirk Talks Season Premiere With EW; Saul Wins WGA Award

This week, Bob Odenkirk discusses the Season 2 premiere with Entertainment Weekly, while Better Call Saul wins a WGA Award. Plus, Rhea Seehorn provides her insights to EW. Read on for more:

• Bob Odenkirk tells Entertainment Weekly that Jimmy takes the Davis & Main job "with a sense of, 'Ah, let’s see if I can make this work. I’ll try, but probably not.' He’s already thinking that, which is nice because he has a self-awareness."

Variety reports that "Uno" won the award for best episodic drama from the Writer's Guild of America, noting the win "signals that writers see it as a worthy successor to its predecessor, Breaking Bad."

• Speaking with Entertainment Weekly about Kim and Jimmy, Rhea Seehorn notes, "I absolutely think they authentically love each other and that’s why I do root for them at their foundation."

• Vince Gilligan tells The Guardian, "I was worried we weren’t going to get to Saul fast enough. Now I’m worried we’ll get to him too fast because I realise just how great Jimmy is as a character. He really carries his own show."

• Peter Gould talks to Variety about Jimmy and how "the first thing he does when he’s alone in this new office is to flip the switch that’s not supposed to be flipped. You have to wonder — is it something inside of him that wants a little chaos and trouble?"

• Thomas Schnauz, interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter, says, "I think at some point there will be at least a Gene episode, if not the finale then somewhere along the way that ties a bow around this whole package that we have of Jimmy McGill, Saul Goodman and Gene the Cinnabon Manager."

RadioTimes learns from Bob Odenkirk, "I always felt like he had more life to him that we weren’t acknowledging. The Saul I played in Breaking Bad was very two-dimensional at the most, maybe even one-dimensional."

• Talking to Forbes about Jimmy, Rhea Seehorn says, "The least duplicitous person in Kim’s life is the one who everyone is calling a con man. He’s the only one who is what he says he is."

HitFix speaks with Peter Gould, who says they wonder "is this a guy who, in his heart, is already Saul Goodman, or has something terrible happened to him to deaden him emotionally? I think the more we work on it, the more that maybe the second of those two options is the truth."

Yahoo TV chats with Rhea Seehorn, who says, "I like Kim and Jimmy’s relationship. I just love the authenticity and the multiple layers of it, which you don’t see on TV a lot. It’s sexy in a different way."

• "They delve a lot deeper into Kim's life, Kim's story, and Kim's relationship with Jimmy," Rhea Seehorn reveals to Business Insider about the show's writers.

Den of Geek "combed through all ten episodes of Better Call Saul Season 1 to give you the definitive episode guide."

• Asked by Joe.Co.UK about joining Better Call Saul, Aaron Paul replies, "We had such an incredible time shooting that show and we're a beautiful family so it would be nice to jump into that for an episode or two."

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