Bob Odenkirk Talks Jimmy to CBS; Time Hails Season 2

This week, Bob Odenkirk discusses Jimmy with CBS News, while Time hails Season 2. Plus, Peter Gould teases Season 2 to Entertainment Weekly. Read on for more:

• On CBS This Morning, Bob Odenkirk reveals, "Jimmy McGill knows himself and he has a lot more fun in the second season because he kind of has a handle on the fact that he's got to do tricky things."

Time's review of Season 2 declares that Better Call Saul "proves it's broken the spinoff curse."

Entertainment Weekly talks to Peter Gould, who teases that Jimmy's relationship with Kim "gets much deeper. It is both personal and professional, and it’s really the beating heart of season 2."

• Vince Gilligan tells The New York Times, "The show really does threaten to become a tragedy as we realize with each step, with each episode, with each season, Jimmy McGill comes closer to being this calcified, morally atrophied Saul Goodman character."

• Bob Odenkirk shares his theory regarding Jimmy's transition to Saul to Variety: "My gut tells me he fights like hell to not be Saul, and then he just gives up for some reason that’s probably pretty potent and painful."

USA Today learns from Bob Odenkirk, "If you watch Season 2, you're going to see a lot of faces you didn't think you'd ever see again, except at a Breaking Bad reunion. In a weird way, it's a bigger thrill than you'd expect when it happens, because you forgot."

TV Guide teases the Season 2 premiere, saying Jimmy turns down a job offer "not because Jimmy wants to turn his back on the straight and narrow. Instead, Jimmy's rationale is very personal -- and it's one that could bode well for his love life this season!"

The Guardian, profiling Bob Odenkirk, declares that Better Call Saul "may not have the epic scale of Breaking Bad, but it makes up for that in warmth and wit, and tragedy."

Rolling Stone is eagerly anticipating Better Call Saul since it's "intriguing to imagine where the series will go in its sophomore season, and what's going to happen to Jimmy, Mike Ehrmantraut and everyone else as they're set up for the moment that Walter White wanders into their lives."

Deadline, reviewing the Season 2 premiere, says, "Now that all the players are in place, the moves on the New Mexico-set board are much more enthralling than the eventual outcome. And this comes off a first season that I considered one of the best new shows of 2015."

Salon weighs in, commenting, "What makes Better Call Saul gripping is the person at the center of the puzzle, enmeshed in what is becoming a greater and greater tragedy."

HitFix says Better Call Saul has "proven itself excellent enough in its own right that it should go on telling the Jimmy McGill story for as long as it can get away with it."

• The San Antonio Current asserts that Better Call Saul is "well on its way to avoiding the sophomore slump by continuing its engaging and thought-provoking character study, exploring how yet another character breaks bad."

Nerd Reactor's Season 2 review applauds, "Better Call Saul has clearly begun carving out its own well-defined voice and tone in its sophomore season. Bob Odenkirk continues to shine in a role that almost seems tailor made for him at this point."

Complex reports that on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Bob Odenkirk made "a truly generous offer: a 60-second catch-up lesson from Slippin' Jimmy himself."

Digital Spy highlights how "Jimmy McGill has the weight of the world on his shoulders in two new posters for Better Call Saul season two."

The Telegraph speaks with Bob Odenkirk, who reveals, "I feel very strongly that the second season is more fun, a bit more carefree. And part of that is because now we’re like, phew, we know who this guy is. He’s got a million demons, a million drives."

Den of Geek believes that Better Call Saul is "the rare artful and interesting show whose episode titles are equally as artful and interesting."

• Jonathan Banks tells The Guardian, "I love Boardwalk Empire but there were moments where I thought it didn’t have the constant through-line that Breaking Bad did and Better Call Saul does."

• Michael Mando shares with The Canadian Press "a few tidbits about what's in store" for Season 2.

Decider provides a Better Call Saul catch-up guide while commenting that "we didn’t expect to be so emotionally invested [in] Saul Goodman’s rise to the criminal attorney top."

Atlanta Business Chronicle reports that Cinnabon is offering a free cup of coffee to guests on Feb. 15, the day Season 2 debuts, "to celebrate the company’s cameo in the opening of the second season."

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