Bob Odenkirk in Emmy Opening Cameo; LA Times Recommends Saul

This week, Bob Odenkirk shows up in the Emmy Awards ceremony opening number, while the Los Angeles Times recommends watching Better Call Saul. Plus, Patrick Fabian talks to USA Today about the Breaking Bad shadow. Read on for more:

• The New York Daily News notes that Bob Odenkirk appeared in Andy Samberg's Emmy Awards ceremony opening musical number and told Samberg, "Now get out there and tell some culturally relevant but not too edgy jokes."

• Recommending Bob Odenkirk in Better Call Saul, the Los Angeles Times says, "You don't have to be a fan of Breaking Bad to watch this series, although it would certainly add to your appreciation of the series, but it stands alone as great Odenkirking and storytelling."

• Patrick Fabian, talking to USA Today about Better Call Saul, says, "It wasn't until a month beforehand when the looming shadow of Breaking Bad became nervous for us. But out of the gates a lot of people tuned in to see what this thing was, and they stuck around all season long."

• Betsy Brandt, currently on CBS's Life in Pieces, tells A.V. Club if she could be on any other TV show it would be Better Call Saul because "it’s really good, and because I love those people."

Vanity Fair reports that With Bob and David, starring Bob Odenkirk and David Cross, will premiere on Netflix on Nov. 13 -- and showcases a promo where "the two comedians poke fun at how much fun has passed since the last episode of Mr. Show aired."

• Looking ahead, Bustle notes, "Season 1 ended with Jimmy deciding that he didn't want to get kicked around anymore. So what will Season 2 bring?"

• According to Broadway World, Michael McKean will host a new Cooking Channel series called Food: Fact or Fiction? that will premiere on Oct. 26.

TV Shows on DVD reports that Season 1 will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on Nov. 10.

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