Bob Odenkirk Chats With THR, Explains Playing Jimmy to Variety

This week, Bob Odenkirk chats with The Hollywood Reporter and explains to Variety what it's like playing Jimmy McGill. Plus, Gold Derby takes a look at Odenkirk's Emmy submission. Read on for more:

• Bob Odenkirk, talking to The Hollywood Reporter about Better Call Saul, explains that Saul "was putting up a front [on Breaking Bad] so we don't really know who he is at all. So now we get to invent this whole world of who he might be."

Variety interviews Bob Odenkirk, who says of playing Jimmy that "it’s a great challenge and a great joy to see a dark, emotional scene where a character is struggling internally and then two days later be doing a scene where I’m shooting a commercial, with the character’s inspiration and joy and ego on display."

Gold Derby examines Bob Odenkirk's Emmy submission, the Season 2 finale, remarking that he "gives a wonderfully layered performance in this episode. He shows several different sides of Jimmy simultaneously."

• Previewing the Emmys, Backstage notes that Bob Odenkirk "gives an increasingly nuanced performance, adding a new layer to the dodgy lawyer’s present tense" in Season 2.

• Patrick Fabian's alma mater, Penn State, interviews the actor, who explains that Better Call Saul is "a real crowning achievement in a lot of ways."

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