Yahoo Talks to Peter Gould, Patrick Fabian; TV Overmind Calls Saul Best

This week, Peter Gould and Patrick Fabian discuss the latest episode with Yahoo TV, while TV Overmind calls Better Call Saul TV's best show right now. Plus, Variety interviews Bob Odenkirk and Jonathan Banks. Read on for more:

• Peter Gould tells Yahoo TV, "Mike’s journey is a moral one. He may dress the same way, he may speak the same way, but on Breaking Bad, he is shooting people and killing them on Gus’s orders. I can’t see Mike, even as here we are Episode 308… I think Mike is still quite a ways from doing things like that."

Yahoo TV interviews Patrick Fabian, who discusses Howard’s obligation to Chuck, "his sense of being mentored by him. And is there something else that maybe Chuck holds over him, either financially or personally, that has just not been revealed?"

TV Overmind explains why Better Call Saul is "the best show on TV right now."

• Bob Odenkirk tells Variety that Jimmy is "shutting down emotionally as he makes the choice to become this mercenary front that he calls Saul Goodman. It’s a mask, but it’s also a real reaction to the disappointments of his life. He gets angry and consciously uses his position as Saul for his own gain."

• Jonathan Banks, speaking with Variety about the appeal of playing Mike, says, "He’s so flawed, like all of us, and older and tortured, but he keeps on going. He never gives up, mentally, physically — just like an actor."

• Interviewed by Uproxx, Peter Gould explains, "I think this show has a definitely[sic] limit to it. It’s a story with a beginning and a middle and a definite end. I have to say, I would rather have it end too soon than go on too long."

Screen Rant declares that Better Call Saul is "a shoe[sic]-in for a Best Drama nod this year, particularly with the resurgence of Giancarlo Esposito’s Gustavo Fring."

• Giancarlo Esposito, talking to Assignment X, says playing a younger version of Gus is "challenging in a way that keeps me present, in a very positive and wonderful way, because again, Gus is premature to where you’ve seen him, and so I like to play a character who is finding himself [on his way to becoming] what you already know him to be."

Decider applauds, "Everything that happens on Better Call Saul never feels like it’s occurring for anything but the story itself – and that is why it never feels like an exercise in pandering and succeeds in its stunning storytelling every damn week."

The Portland (Ore.) Mercury believes that Better Call Saul "has the most richly drawn characters on TV. Even the smallest supporting role has depth, nuance, and humor, and the lead actors—Bob Odenkirk, Rhea Seehorn, Jonathan Banks, and Michael McKean—are nothing short of breathtaking."

Den of Geek compiles a list of the references and Easter eggs in Episode 8.

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