Variety Predicts Emmy Nod for Jonathan Banks; Banks Discusses "Five-O"

This week, Variety predicts an Emmy nomination for Jonathan Banks, while the actor discusses the latest episode, "Five-O," with several media outlets. Plus, Vince Gilligan shares that viewers will see Jimmy/Saul in Omaha again. Read on for more:

Variety interviews Jonathan Banks about "Five-O," a showcase episode for Mike, and predicts that his "performance is so sensational that it could very well land him a third career Emmy nomination."

• Jonathan Banks tells Entertainment Weekly he embraced "Five-O," that "I loved it. I just went, 'Yeah. Now let me do justice to Mike.' That is what I thought: 'I must do justice to this character.'"

TV Guide speaks with Jonathan Banks, who says of Jimmy and Mike that "Jimmy's irritating, but I think Mike's also amused by him. If you said to Mike, 'You know, you're gonna end up working with this guy,' he would be a little surprised by that."

• "It’s not only about Kaylee. It’s about his daughter-in-law. He’s participated in taking the man that was her husband, the father of her child, away. He owes her his life, essentially," says Jonathan Banks to Yahoo TV about why Mike is able go on after his son's death.

• Talking to The Hollywood Reporter, Jonathan Banks previews "Five-O" and says Mike's granddaughter is "the only connection he has left to his son. Whether she's in the cradle or whether she's 5 or whether she's 12, he's just desperately in love. That's his granddaughter."

• Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould appear on The Rich Eisen Show and tease, "I think we will be seeing more of Omaha because how could you not want to see ultimately where this guy winds up?"

• Gordon Smith, who wrote "Five-O," tells The Hollywood Reporter that "given the outline of what [Jimmy's] pretty sure Mike has done, he knows that he's somebody who can do things and get them done pretty cleanly as well."

• Speaking with NPR, Peter Gould praises Jonathan Banks, saying, "It's a rare thing for a writer to write a scene and then see an actor do it and for the actor not simply to reinterpret but to take everything that you intended and then take it further and make it more real."

HitFix, wondering if "Five-O" was the best TV episode in history, says, "Twitter is pretty much demanding the Emmy be handed over on a silver platter to Jonathan Banks."

• Aaron Paul tells Variety he's open to guest-starring on Better Call Saul, saying, "We always have fun having that discussion — Vince [Gilligan], myself, Peter [Gould], the writers. We just have no idea how that would happen. But hopefully one day."

A.V. Club praises Better Call Saul's "dedication to patient pacing—a courageous storytelling approach that brings viewers into the agony of Jimmy McGill."

• Rhea Seehorn, talking to Digital Spy about Jimmy and Kim, says there's "genuine adoration there and they are genuine confidantes for each other, and while I think she wants the best for him, I don't think she judges him, the way he might feel judged in other places."

• Interviewed by BuddyTV, Julie Ann Emery, who plays Betsy Kettleman, says, "I LOVE that Betsy is [Jimmy's] first true corruption. The first time Jimmy/Saul takes a bribe is not from a drug dealing gangster like Michael Mando's Nacho [but] it is from a suburban, All American housewife." takes note of Mike's Philadelphia backstory, including Jimmy's "Go, Eagles" exhortation, which it calls "the best, subtle Philly moment of the episode."

• A top five Flavorwire TV moment last week was the introduction of the talking toilet on Better Call Saul.

• Similarly, Design & Trend recalls Better Call Saul's three funniest moments so far, including the talking toilet.

• Suburban Chicago's Daily Herald declares that Better Call Saul "already has established itself as one of the best shows on television."

Albuquerque Journal interviews Jennifer Bean, an Albuquerque court reporter who appears in the series premiere and "added both to the reality of the scene and the humor. That look of exasperation she gives the three defendants is priceless," according to Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould.

Above the Law applauds the show's "excellent depiction of attorneys, both small-time and big-time."

Uproxx has a podcast where Vince Gilligan starts out by asking fans to stop throwing pizzas onto the roof of the Albuquerque residence that doubled as Walt's home, and Jonathan Banks chimes in that he'll "hunt down" the perpetrators.

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