Variety on Supporting Actor Emmys; Rhea Seehorn Talks Kim and Jimmy

This week, Variety weighs in on potential supporting actor Emmy nominations, while Rhea Seehorn discusses Kim and Jimmy with Gold Derby. Plus, John Cusack is a fan of Better Call Saul. Read on for more:

• Talking Emmys, Variety sees Jonathan Banks as "a likely repeat nominee for Better Call Saul, but his co-star Michael McKean was a scene stealer as well, and also the biggest villain of the season as he looked to usurp his own brother."

• In more Emmy talk, Variety notes that Better Call Saul has "a wonderful supporting actress in Rhea Seehorn, who had a standout year as Bob Odenkirk’s love interest and business partner."

• Rhea Seehorn tells Gold Derby that Kim and Jimmy together "makes our lead character even more interesting; that he’s with a woman who is smart, has her own opinion, disagrees with him and still says 'I’ll be here. I’ll figure it out.'"

• According to, John Cusack says, "I really like Better Call Saul. I like everything that Vince Gilligan guy is up to."

• According to Bustle, Gennifer Hutchison says the show's writers "found that Better Call Saul goes faster than Breaking Bad. I think we discovered a lot with Jimmy and how Bob plays Jimmy."

Bustle explains that "what makes Kim feminist is that she's her own character with her own ambitions."

• Michael McKean tells Gold Derby, "I love Chuck even if nobody else does, which doesn’t mean to say I fully understand him."

• Speaking with Variety about today's dark TV shows, Peter Gould says, "Darkness inspires creativity. It all has to be artfully done, you want to feel when you’re watching that there is an intention and a purpose being conveyed."

• According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bob Odenkirk will star in and executive produce a miniseries based on The Night of the Gun, a memoir by the late New York Times reporter David Carr. Vanity Fair calls the project "exciting for a number of reasons—not least of which is the potential for Odenkirk to finally win an acting Emmy."

Variety speaks with Tony Fanning, the Better Call Saul production designer, who says that using Albuquerque's Pan American Building has "become a story point and a running joke. And if I’d asked the location manager to find this exact building, he never could have. We’ve made it work."

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