Rhea Seehorn on Kim & Jimmy; TV.com Talks up Peter Gould & Vince Gilligan

This week, Rhea Seehorn talks about Kim and Jimmy's relationship, while TV.com talks up Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan. Plus, Aaron Paul speaks with EW about a possible cameo. Read on for more:

• Rhea Seehorn, talking to The Wall Street Journal about Jimmy and Kim, explains, "A lot of their relationship happens between the lines, and Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould and all of our writers are very masterful at that. It implies history, trust, respect and humor between the characters."

• Choosing some of TV's best showrunners, TV.com comments, "Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan have earned a lifetime of credit for Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul."

• Aaron Paul speaks with Entertainment Weekly about a possible Better Call Saul appearance: "They’re not just going to throw Jesse in the mix just so the fans can say, 'Oh, look, it’s Jesse walking in the background.' It needs to make sense to the show."

Uproxx takes "a look at some of this week’s better Easter Eggs and other cool details" from "Inflatable."

TV.com applauds Better Call Saul: "When Jimmy decided it was time to get fired from Davis & Main, he got inspiration from one of those blow-up dancing men, which led to this montage masterpiece. Put this in the TV montage Hall of Fame, NOW!"

• Reviewing Patrick Fabian's guest appearance on NBC's Grimm, A.V. Club lauds, "In his terrific work on Better Call Saul, Fabian has made Howard Hamlin into a man whose moods and motivations are complicated yet able to turn on a dime (as they did on the inspired 'Bali H'ai' walk through the office)."

• After watching Better Call Saul, The Huffington Post declares "this was one of the first times I've watched a legal TV show that reflected the realities surrounding the criminal court system and consequently, didn't make me want to change the channel."

Cleveland.com lists Season 2's best moments, with "each scene's entertainment value and weighed that against how important it was to the overall storyline."

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