Rhea Seehorn Discusses Jimmy & Kim; Yahoo TV Interviews Michael Mando

This week, Rhea Seehorn shares with The Hollywood Reporter why she is rooting for Jimmy and Kim's relationship, while Yahoo TV interviews Michael Mando about Nacho's respect for Mike. Plus, HitFix gets the scoop on the Hoboken Squat Cobbler. Read on for more:

• Rhea Seehorn, talking to The Hollywood Reporter, says, "I do root for Jimmy and Kim, because I believe in how authentically they love each other in the way that they do. They have a bond that I find very authentic and interesting and layered that I love and I want to protect."

Yahoo TV speaks with Michael Mando, who teases, "I think that the amount of respect Nacho has for his father is in a way parallel with the way that he sees Mike … I think we’re going to learn a lot about that this season."

HitFix gets the scoop from Peter Gould on "what the Hoboken Squat Cobbler truly is, and we have Bob Odenkirk to largely thank for it."

• Mark Proksch tells TV Guide that viewers may one day see Squat Cobblers videos "if they do indeed exist. I will say this, though: If they do exist, they'll be some of the most disturbing things you will ever see."

• Vince Gilligan confides to the Los Angeles Times, "We truly didn't know how Better Call Saul would be received as a series. Now the fear is that people will say, 'Eh, Season 2 isn't as good as Season 1.' We hope that won't be the case."

• Interviewed by AOL, Bob Odenkirk discloses, "Saul was fun to play, for sure. He was a selfish and self-interested character who was sleazy but very purposefully shallow. Playing (Jimmy), a character who has a great desire to connect with people, is wonderful."

• Writing about Jimmy and Kim's relationship, Slate says that "watching the two of them together doesn’t just feel right, it feels classic."

• According to RadioTimes.com, Vince Gilligan breaks the news that "I don’t think we are spending a lot of time thinking about additional spin-offs because I think we want to get through this show, we want to make it as good as we can and we want to maintain its integrity from start to finish."

A.V. Club considers Better Call Saul one of the best TV title sequences: "To keep the specter of Saul fresh in our minds, each title sequence features a jittery snapshot of the Goodman lifestyle, rendered in hypersaturated color and overlaid with the sort of grungy video effects you might see in one of Saul’s cable TV ads."

• Michael McKean, interviewed on CBC Radio, says the show's writers "don't create two-dimensional characters because that doesn't interest them. They know that people are more than just a paragraph long. People are page after page of contradictions and revelations."

• New Zealand's Stuff talks to Rhea Seehorn, who says, "I've had wonderful responses from women which makes me very happy. That Kim is three-dimensional to them and that she is accessible and real and unapologetically who she is."

• Aaron Paul teases to Digital Spy, "I know some of the little secrets coming our way with Better Call Saul, and I think the fans of Breaking Bad and fans of Better Call Saul are going to be very excited about it."

• With Season 1 on Netflix, TV Cheat Sheet says "there’s no reason not to get caught up. That being said, here are the reasons you should get caught up."

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