Peter Gould Talks Gene With Variety; BuzzFeed Recommends Saul

This week, Peter Gould discusses Cinnabon Gene with Variety, while BuzzFeed recommends watching Better Call Saul. Plus, Bob Odenkirk talks to Screen Daily about the differences between Jimmy and Saul. Read on for more:

• Peter Gould tells Variety, "I love Gene. I’m fascinated by Gene. I love Bob as Gene. We have no plans, but I think there’s a really good chance you’re going to be seeing a lot more of Gene."

• Bob Odenkirk, interviewed by Screen Daily, says Jimmy, vs. Saul, "is the more whole person who is experiencing the moment like a real person does. He doesn’t have a manufactured personality."

BuzzFeed recommends Better Call Saul because the "acting is sublime, the cinematography stunning, and, better still, a fourth season is with us next year."

IndieWire commends Michael McKean, saying his portrayal of Chuck is "so fully realized and believable and human that, at times, you almost forget what a terrible, loathsome person he is."

Mic deems "Chicanery" one of the year's best episodes because Michael McKean is "at his most devastating in this episode’s closing moments as he goes on a winding, heated rant about Jimmy that leaves everyone in court agape."

• Ranking Better Call Saul as one of 2017's best, Business Insider says all the show's performances "are Emmy-worthy, particularly Bob Odenkirk, who continues to impress with his ability to be funny and dramatic."

The Young Folks hails "Chicanery," describing it as "far and away the best episode yet of Better Call Saul (and arguably better than any episode of Breaking Bad)."

Digital Trends calls Hector one of TV's best villains, characterizing him as "threatening, subtly intimidating, fiercely protective of the organization, and willing to stop at nothing to maintain control."

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