Peter Gould Dissects Latest Episode; Bob Odenkirk Applauds Rhea Seehorn

This week, Peter Gould dissects the latest episode, while Bob Odenkirk applauds Rhea Seehorn's performance. Plus, Seehorn teases the season ender. Read on for more:

• Peter Gould explains to People, "A lot of this episode is really about consequences or blowback for Mike and Jimmy. We find in the course of the episode that the schemes, which in some ways were so perfect and did in fact achieve their ends, also have consequences for other people."

• "It’s fun to write a character who may use bad means but he’s good in some essential way. It’s sad to think he’ll become this hard-hearted Saul Goodman," Peter Gould tells Forbes.

• Discussing Kim with Yahoo TV, Peter Gould says that "she’s going to make sure that if Jimmy is going to do some underhanded stuff, he better do it right. I think that’s what she’s saying to him, but where this goes and whether their relationship can survive this is an open question."

• "This is the Rhea Seehorn year," Bob Odenkirk declares at Deadline's Contenders TV panel, while Vince Gilligan says, "We come to realize that from the Breaking Bad universe, anyone (returning) is fair game."

• Rhea Seehorn teases the season's final episodes to the New York Post: "The last episodes are … a train speeding towards a wall where people have to figure out how they’re going to handle their relationships — and each other."

Bustle comments on how "despite the fact that Mike's plan goes perfectly, it somehow still manages to go awry at the same time, reaping some unexpected collateral damage along the way." names Rhea Seehorn the TV performer of the week because she's made Kim "one of the most unexpectedly fascinating aspects of an already great series, and has had an incredible season making her quietly become the heart and soul of Better Call Saul."

• Interviewed by UPI, Michael McKean calls Chuck "a man who respects and honors the law and he just doesn't think that his brother has the stuff and he doesn't think that his brother is a legitimate addition to the honor and integrity of the law."

• In a conversation with, Rhea Seehorn says, "I love playing someone definitely that’s not just ancillary but has her how own three dimensions to her and does her own thing."

Den of Geek comments, "Better Call Saul has shown audiences that a spinoff doesn’t have to come with such a stigma, and can even enrich the original story."

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