Michael Mando Talks Nacho; Bob Odenkirk Sells Peas

This week, Michael Mando and Raymond Cruz talk about Nacho and Tuco in the latest episode, while Bob Odenkirk sells peas on Conan. Plus, Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould discuss Saul's mariachi song. Read on for more:

• Michael Mando tells Vulture, "The moment we see Mike and Nacho meet in season one, there’s this definite recognition, at least from Nacho’s side, that here’s a guy who can help me go from prince of thieves to king of thieves."

• "I don't think Nacho has a desire to impose power over others. I don't think he gets a kick out of hurting other people. But destiny's pushed him into a situation where his life is in jeopardy, his family's life is in jeopardy," Michael Mando explains to The Hollywood Reporter.

• Speaking with IGN, Michael Mando characterizes Nacho as someone who's "respectful to those who are deserving of respect and who are respectful to him."

• "I think Nacho's arc is very much a coming of age arc. Here's a guy who does not have the cartel bloodline. He's someone who's been an outcast his whole life," Michael Mando says to Den of Geek.

• Interviewed by TheWrap, Michael Mando proposes a Walt cameo: "I sometimes ask myself, 'Was Ignacio one of Walter White’s students?'"

• Raymond Cruz talks to People about punching Jonathan Banks: "You have to be careful for that stuff. But you want to sell it. You want it to look real. There's a special kind of violence with Tuco. It's not normal. It's exaggerated. It's more vicious."

• On Conan, Bob Odenkirk shows he's "got the talent to make a sloppy mess like canned peas look appealing – or at least really funny," according to The Wall Street Journal. The Interrobang also reports that Odenkirk tells Conan he "learned how to make a real Cinnabon from the head office of Cinnabon Headquarters, to keep it real."

• Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould talk to MTV about writing and producing a mariachi song and tease that what happens in "Gloves Off" really "takes the season in a new direction. There’s some ways in which we hit the gas in a very different way than we’ve seen so far."

The Huffington Post has more on the mariachi song, "Yo Soy Saul," including the one line that Vince Gilligan calls "the sum and total" of his contribution.

• Peter Gould tells Yahoo TV that "as difficult as it is being Chuck McGill’s brother, it’s even more difficult to be Chuck McGill himself. As hard as he is on his brother, he is twice as hard on himself."

• Jonathan Banks, interviewed by Newsday, explains Mike's appeal: "He doesn’t forgive himself. And in a world of people justifying what they do, this is a man who makes no excuses about himself."

• Rhea Seehorn talks Kim and Jimmy with Channel Guide Magazine, disclosing that in Season 2 "you see a lot more of where they came from and why they are so close."

HitFix draws a comparison between "Tuco Salamanca's 'lie detector' and the stink eye that Larry David gives people on Curb Your Enthusiasm when he suspects they're not telling the truth."

TheWrap points out the time that Nacho was mentioned on Breaking Bad, back in Season 2.

Indiana University announces that Jonathan Banks will receive an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree from the school next month.

• Applauding Better Call Saul, The Sydney Morning Herald says, "There are some genuine auteurs working in television right now, and Vince Gilligan is one of them."

• Jonathan Banks tells Postmedia News that "it's very interesting that when you do a prequel, you’re literally opening a new story. And I think a prequel in some ways is much more fulfilling for an actor to play than a sequel is. It’s still all new."

Uproxx explains that the Breaking Bad Easter eggs in Better Call Saul "help to bind the two shows, and illustrate to viewers at home that [Vince] Gilligan and Peter Gould are doing their research."

Uproxx shares why "Amarillo" was "a great episode for Breaking Bad callbacks and Easter eggs."

• The New Zealand Herald's review comments, "Saul is measured and purposeful, even when being playful. It's indulgent, sure. But indulgence as artfully composed and entirely pulled off as this is easy to forgive."

TVLine reports that Jonathan Banks has joined the voice cast of the Disney Channel's Tangled: Before Ever After.

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