Letters From Saul - Turn Your Alibi From Drab to Fab

Throughout Season 2, you'll receive letters from the desk of Saul Goodman himself. Pay close attention to each letter for hints, clues and Easter eggs for that night's episode. Then, check back after watching to see if you caught them all.

Dear Sandy,

Everyone makes mistakes. But the tricky thing about little blunders is that they can have big blowbacks (like jail). No time like the present to save a client from mugshots and mess halls. So let’s get down to it, shall we? If you’re not giving me the whole truth and nothing but the truth, I can’t save you from the mess you’re about to be in.

To illustrate, let’s say there’s a young lady named Candy who catches her gal-pal, Brandy, doing the “midnight mambo” with Candy’s crush, Andy. Andy chooses Brandy, then Candy corners Brandy, ranting and raving until Candy’s slapped with disturbing the peace!

It seems Candy’s recently-crafted revenge daydream about Brandy is squashed. But -- miracle of miracles! -- later that night, a disguised stalker settles into a stakeout near Brandy’s house, equipped with patience, a ski mask, and a pair of binoculars. When the coast is clear, the avenger sneaks inside with a sledgehammer to decimate Brandy’s beloved nesting doll collection!

If the crime is in the cover-up, the perp’s done a sub-par job. Those cops are gonna follow the trail of broken dollface straight to the crook -- and once inevitably found, he or she faces vandalism, breaking and entering, et al. A “happily ever after” isn’t in the cards unless the perp levels with his/her lawyer about the ever-illusive topic of what actually happened.

Ring a bell, Sandy? With all due respect, you’re muddying the waters of your own freedom here. Take a moment, breathe. Have a piña colada or lie down with a cold washcloth on your head. Realize that facts are facts, and your lawyer needs them firsthand to help turn your alibi from drab to fab!

Give me a call, we’ll figure it out.

Yours in gravitas,

Saul Goodman

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