Jonathan Banks Teases Mike & Nacho; Bob Odenkirk Talks Season 2

This week, Jonathan Banks discusses why Mike doesn't want to be involved with Nacho, while Bob Odenkirk talks to The Sydney Morning Herald about Season 2's funnier moments. Plus: Odenkirk is named's TV performer of the week. Read on for more:

• Looking ahead, Jonathan Banks tells Yahoo TV, "I think Mike is very wary of who Nacho is and what he does. It’s not something Mike wants to be involved with."

• Talking to TheWrap, Jonathan Banks says Mike will "soon be forced to make “some really harsh decisions."

The Sydney Morning Herald interviews Bob Odenkirk, who says, "There's more comedy in the second season. They're kind of self-evident moments too. Because very often the character is kind of aware that I'm running a game on these people, and he's having fun doing it." names Bob Odenkirk the TV performer of the week, noting that Jimmy's many facets are "distinctly portrayed by Odenkirk, and yet, they all seamlessly add up to one enormously complex, engaging, and magnetic figure in Jimmy McGill. It’s not an easy task, even though Odenkirk makes it look that way."

• Bob Odenkirk shares with RadioTimes, "I certainly relate to a guy who is trying to find himself at an older age and doesn’t feel like he’s made his mark yet."

• Aaron Paul, talking to Entertainment Weekly about Jesse, says, "I absolutely feel like I said goodbye to him, for now. Because he could always come back in one way or another."

• Speaking to, Aaron Paul extols Better Call Saul and says, "I pray to God I am in that show at some point."

• Also, asked during a Reddit AMA if he would guest star on Better Call Saul, Aaron Paul teases, "I'm such a huge fan of Better Call Saul, and of course everyone behind the show. So, who knows? ... maybe I already shot it? ... it might be airing this season?"

• Mark Proksch talks to Forbes about his secret squat cobbler video, saying Melissa Bernstein "very nicely, asked me if I would do it. It was very, very kind but there’s no way I wouldn’t have done it. If it’s funny I’ll do it. I have no vanity whatsoever. It wasn’t even a question."

• Interviewed by ShortList about Better Call Saul, Bob Odenkirk says, "I approach the whole thing with a wariness and uncertainty that’s grown out of my 30 years of being in show-business. I didn’t accept they were going to create a show about me until I saw the billboards."

Sports Illustrated reports that the Albuquerque Isotopes minor league baseball team will play an August game wearing Better Call Saul jerseys.

2paragraphs takes a look at Kerry Condon, who plays Mike's daughter-in-law.

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