Gordon Smith Chats With The Ringer; Los Pollos Training Videos Win Emmy

This week, Gordon Smith chats with The Ringer about "Chicanery," while Gold Derby reports on an Emmy win for the Los Pollos Hermanos training videos. Plus, Thomas Golubic, Better Call Saul's music supervisor,  talks about his job to Vox. Read on for more:

• Discussing Season 3's "Chicanery," Gordon Smith tells The Ringer that the show "needed to have as a moment—this argument, essentially, about Chuck’s health and what this relationship between these two brothers really is. And because they’re both lawyers and they take it so seriously, this was the right venue for it."

Gold Derby reports that the Los Pollos Hermanos Employee Training Series won the Emmy for Best Short Form Comedy or Drama Series, calling it "a victory for Better Call Saul creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould."

Food and Wine notes that the training videos "cover essentials like loss prevention, customer service, cleanliness, conflict resolution and emergency situations. (Funny how these skills so closely mirror those involved in running a successful drug cartel.)"

• Thomas Golubic, the show's music supervisor, explains to Vox that his job is "to calibrate almost a seasonal arc that is going to be touching upon some of those themes, developing some of those textures, carrying those characters into new areas of music, potentially, or new fascinations, or introducing new characters that have new palettes."

• Michael McKean talks Chuck with Salon, explaining, "He’s one of those guys who’s his own worst enemy. But he’d never believe you if you said so, he’d want to see proof."

• Examining The Adventures of Mabel by Harry Thurston Peck, Red Dirt Report explains "why the creators of Better Call Saul decided to include this long-obscure children's short story collection" in the Season 3 Premiere.

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