Gold Derby Interviews Rhea Seehorn; Cinema Blend on Saul's Ratings

This week, Gold Derby asks Rhea Seehorn about Kim and Jimmy's fate, while Cinema Blend discusses Better Call Saul's rising ratings. Plus, The Hollywood Reporter explores the show's Emmy chances. Read on for more:

• Interviewed by Gold Derby, Rhea Seehorn observes that if Kim and Jimmy end up together at the end of Better Call Saul "there would be a cost to both of them being together. There would be a happiness but also a bit of a tragedy about it."

Cinema Blend reports that Better Call Saul "is experiencing huge numbers. According to recent numbers, the show almost doubled its total viewership last week, making it one of the highest contenders in recent weeks."

The Hollywood Reporter speculates that Better Call Saul could win the Best Drama Emmy because "voters have a proven affection for the Bob Odenkirk character study."

• Bob Odenkirk tells Press Trust of India, "I would like to see Jesse come back into our show from Breaking Bad. I would love to see Hank come back, because Hank knew Saul when they met in the hallway."

• Talking about playing Jimmy, Bob Odenkirk says to the Hindustan Times, "Beyond the challenge of finding a moment and playing it honestly and modulating your performance so that it plays real, there’s another challenge that I discovered over time, which is kind of staying inside of a different person for a long period of time."

• Thomas Golubic explains to Gold Derby the difference between being the music supervisor for Better Call Saul, vs. Breaking Bad: "Because we were designing it very much as its own beast with its own sensibility, and its own rhythm, its own way of telling a story with music, we ended up really kind of reinventing the wheel in a way."

• Speaking with Hidden Remote, Thomas Golubic explains that "part of the great joy of articulating this great tragedy is knowing where we’re headed, but making it that much more painful with a slow, steady dismantling of Jimmy into the cold calculation that is Saul."

TV Overmind reveals the "5 life lessons Gus Fring teaches us."

Last Night On compiles a list of all 14 Breaking Bad characters who have appeared on Better Call Saul, enthusing, "It’s really clever how the writers manage to work these familiar faces into the story in creative but believable ways."

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