Deadline on Saul PGA Nod; Vanity Fair Likes Kim Scamming With Jimmy

This week, Deadline reports that Better Call Saul has received a nomination from the Producers Guild, while Vanity Fair is a fan of Kim scamming with Jimmy. Plus, TV Guide advises viewers to be more like Kim. Read on for more:

• According to Deadline, Better Call Saul has garnered a PGA nomination, from the Producers Guild, for Season 4.

• One of the 50 best things on TV this year, according to Vanity Fair, was Kim joining Jimmy in a scam: "The ongoing evolution of Kim Wexler has been one of the show’s great treasures. [Rhea] Seehorn is brilliant as Kim, and she brings so much depth to the otherwise reserved character with just a quirk of her perfectly curled ponytail."

TV Guide advises watching Better Call Saul to be like Kim and "help someone who society has given up on" because, in the show's most recent season, "she ramps up her efforts to help those who are down on their luck by doing pro bono defense."

Vulture eagerly anticipates Season 5 because "there’s still more story to tell — including what becomes of Jimmy/Saul’s partner and sometime-squeeze, Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn), who seems to have solidified her moral compass at a time when other characters were losing theirs."

The Salt Lake Tribune, listing Better Call Saul as one of the year's best shows, observes that "as we get closer to Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) completely transforming into Saul Goodman, it’s absolutely enthralling."

Deadline's gallery of TV's most notable character deaths and exits in 2018 include Werner

Paste labels AMC the network of the year because Better Call Saul's "fears and desires reflect our own, as rueful a treatment of society’s insiders and outsiders as any on television," reflecting AMC's ability to capture "in such brazen fashion the moment’s countercultural charge."

Decider admires Better Call Saul as the story of Jimmy's downfall, observing that "it takes Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan’s boldly slow storytelling to take us on this journey, forcing us to watch the moral disintegration of human beings in what almost feels like real time." hails Better Call Saul as one of the year's top 10 shows, observing that "each season of this spinoff is decidedly darker and more intense than the one preceding it" and that Saul's "trajectory is brilliantly reflected in [Bob] Odenkirk’s endlessly intriguing portrayal of Jimmy."

Cinema Blend, commending Better Call Saul as one of the 10 best TV shows in 2018, raves, "Rarely has an entertainment prequel delivered such an equally engaging story, with its Breaking Bad connections serving as the delectable icing in Season 4, rather than the cake itself."

Screen Rant, spotlighting the Rotten Tomatoes list of TV's best this year, says of Better Call Saul, "Finally giving longtime on-the-fringes comedian Bob Odenkirk the star vehicle he's always deserved, Saul seems to only get better with each passing season."

Paste's list of TV's best quotes includes Jimmy saying "S’all good, man" in the Season 4 Finale, "Winner."

The (Lynchburg, Va.) News and Advance list of 2018's best includes Better Call Saul: "Put Jonathan Banks’ Mike and Giancarlo Esposito’s Gus on screen, and I’m mesmerized. It was fun to see them plan and execute the building of the underground lab that would play such a central role on Breaking Bad."

Insider thinks Bob Odenkirk, who's been nominated three times, should have more Golden Globe awards, describing him as "a comedic actor who had a breakthrough role on the dramatic series Breaking Bad and its subsequent spin-off Better Call Saul."

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