Bryan Cranston Talks Saul With Metro; GoldDerby on Bob Odenkirk & Emmys

This week, Bryan Cranston teases a Walt appearance on Better Call Saul to Metro, while GoldDerby has news of Bob Odenkirk's and Jonathan Banks' Emmy submissions. Plus, Vulture talks about audio tapes as a key plot point on Saul. Read on for more:

• Interviewed by Metro, Bryan Cranston teases "there’s a possibility I could be on Better Call Saul as Walter White at some point. That would be fun. I don’t know when or if that’ll come to be."

• According to Gold Derby, Bob Odenkirk is submitting "Expenses" as his Emmy submission for Best Drama Actor this year.

• Also, Gold Derby reveals that Jonathan Banks is entering Season 3's "Witness" as his Emmy submission for Best Drama Supporting Actor.

Vulture wonders why cassette tapes have been showing up lately in major movies and TV shows, noting that, in Better Call Saul's Season 3, "audio tapes become key to the plot."

• According to TV Worth Watching, Daniel Sackheim credits the show's Director of Photography, Marshall Adams, for figuring out how to shoot "Chicanery," saying, "I hadn’t figured out how I was going to shoot that courtroom scene in Better Call Saul. I’m really glad (Adams) said what he did."

Ars Technica talks to Joseph Ulibarri and Jason Delap about their work on the show (such as finding Mike's GPS tracker) with the latter saying, "We try to MacGyver stuff up when things that don’t exist need to."

• Discussing his work as a sound mixer with, Kevin Valentine says, "Since the show is about experimentation, sometimes Vince [Gilligan] will say, 'I steered you this way, but I was wrong, it was better before.' That's one of the reasons Saul sounds so good, because we spend a lot of time on it."

• Tina Parker, speaking with Central Track about Francesca's incarnation on Better Call Saul, says, "That’s the great thing about my character this season. I get lots of prints and happiness and hearts and pinks and birds because of the vibe they’re creating for her."

The Young Folks applauds that "it’s a tribute to Better Call Saul that the show, now three seasons deep, is so successful at being a great continuation while also standing true and tall on its own."

• The inflatable air dancer has "made his mark in television as the go-to prop," writes Paste, citing Better Call Saul as an example.

• Speaking with Australia's ABC, Vince Gilligan says Saul Goodman wasn't necessarily his favorite character from Breaking Bad, but "he was in a sense the most fun to write for."

Gizmodo explores the issue of electromagnetic hypersensitivity, citing Chuck "who wrapped himself in space blankets, lit his home with lanterns, and made guests leave their mobile phones in the mailbox outside."

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