Bob Odenkirk's Season 3 Hopes; Yahoo TV Wants Odenkirk Emmy Nom

This week, Bob Odenkirk talks about his Season 3 hopes, while Yahoo TV is pushing for an Emmy nomination for Odenkirk. Plus, Odenkirk is part of a Los Angeles Times roundtable. Read on for more:

• Interviewed by Variety about what he wants for Season 3, Bob Odenkirk says, "More me and Mike together, squaring off. It’s just always fun. It makes me laugh. It’s a great burst of energy to be working with [Jonathan] Banks like that."

Yahoo TV supports an Emmy nod for Bob Odenkirk: "What an extraordinary performance he gave in the second season of Better Call Saul. Odenkirk’s comedy years never suggested the kind of depth he could bring to his character’s desperate, depressed, self-delusional life."

• Bob Odenkirk, talking to the Los Angeles Times about Jimmy, says, "I just love all the interesting versions of the guy that there are, just like real people. I mean, you're one way at work, and you're a different way with your family, and on your own, you're a kind of a different person. And it all made sense to me right away."

• Sony's head of talent and casting, Dawn Steinberg, speaks with Backstage about Jonathan Banks: "With a glance or a look or a grunt or a nod, you know what he’s feeling. He can have a closeup for every scene, you wouldn’t even have to see the rest of his body. And I love it."

Gold Derby chats with Bob Odenkirk, who reflects, "Jimmy McGill is tortured in a lot of ways. With Kim Wexler we can assume it probably doesn’t go well. His endeavor to win his brother’s respect is not going to happen."

AwardsDaily learns from Bob Odenkirk that he thinks Jimmy's transition to Saul will "happen a lot faster than people think. I don’t think becoming Saul is as slow an evolution as everyone else seems to think it is."

Movie Pilot applauds Rhea Seehorn's Season 2 performance, as her "role was beefed up as Kim and Jimmy deepened their partnerships in both life and business."

Salon declares that Bob Odenkirk is the perfect person to star in the miniseries version of David Carr's Night of the Gun because he "has the right blend of gritty, theatrical, charming and unstable energy to play Carr."

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