Bob Odenkirk Visits CBS This Morning; THR Chats With Peter Gould

This week, Bob Odenkirk visits CBS This Morning, while The Hollywood Reporter talks "Chicanery" with Peter Gould. Plus, Deadline predicts that Odenkirk will win the best drama actor Emmy this year. Read on for more:

• Visiting CBS This Morning, Bob Odenkirk explains, "I love this guy Jimmy McGill and Saul is somebody I don't like so much. He's a guy who basically -- is very mercenary, selfish, the art of the deal kind of guy who just wants to use the people around him."

The Hollywood Reporter interviews Peter Gould, who explains that Season 3's Episode 5, "Chicanery," climaxes with "a long, intricate scene, but what gives it real power is that, beneath the veneer of legalities, there's an ocean of complex, primal emotion between these two men."

Deadline predicts a best actor Emmy for Bob Odenkirk this year because he's made the role of Jimmy/Saul "his own in ways that most sequels—or, in this case, prequels—rarely allow."

• On The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Bob Odenkirk says drama is harder than comedy for him, noting that Better Call Saul is "a very rich story and layered and you get in the middle of a season of that kind of story and you're just hoping the audience can follow where it's all going, that it resonates with them the way you're playing it."

• Bob Odenkirk tells Deadline, "I think this was the year we really saw Saul Goodman. I don’t know what happens next, but I think he’s more than halfway there."

• Bob Odenkirk speculates to The Hollywood Reporter that if viewers are going to get to know Jimmy "as well as we have in Saul, perhaps some of those sequences in Breaking Bad, we might get to see behind Saul's story a little more. His side of the story that might make him a different character in the course of seeing that."

TheWrap interviews Bob Odenkirk, who says, "We’ll see Saul Goodman in a different light, because we know there’s a part of him that has a conscience, and he’s going to feel bad."

• Discussing "Chicanery," Gordon Smith reveals to the Los Angeles Times that Jimmy and Chuck's "relationship seems irredeemably broken, and this lays the groundwork for a different Jimmy McGill to emerge – one that's quite ruthless in self-deception."

• Skip Macdonald, nominated for an Emmy for outstanding editing for "Chicanery," says to The Hollywood Reporter that, in the episode, "I held shots a little longer to build emotion. Chuck was falling apart, but we didn't want him to crack too quickly. Not until close to the end does he finally snap."

• Bob Odenkirk tells Vice, "In America, we can reinvent ourselves—we're encouraged to. Jimmy's trying to reinvent himself from a con man to a respected lawyer. He feels entitled to do that, and a lot of the characters in his world feel he's entitled to do that as well."

BT TV considers Better Call Saul one of the best spin-offs ever, calling it "one of those rare and glorious occasions where the spin-off is equally powerful and ground-breaking as the show that spawned it."

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